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California Nails offers facial and body waxing to give you a smooth, polished look.


What are the benefits of waxing?

Waxing is a procedure that will leave your face smooth and free of hair for
weeks. Our technicians are skilled at waxing off unwanted hair within minutes.

Here are just a few benefits:

Longer Results

As the entire hair is removed from your face, you are guaranteed much
longer-lasting, smoother skin.  The root of the hair is removed completely. Depending on how fast your hair grows your wax procedure can last up to
two weeks. 


With waxing your face, our technician has complete control over which parts of your face are waxed and which stay untouched. For instance, if we are working around your eyebrow, you can be sure that we will leave you with perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Less Hair

The more you wax, the less hair you'll grow! Waxing ultimately damages the hair follicle, so that after having done it repeatedly, the follicle will weaken and in many cases, stop growing altogether. 


Having laser removal can cost thousands. The cost of razors and shaving cream can add up as well. Waxing is immediate and long-lasting and a fraction of the cost. See our pricing below.


The key to younger, smoother skin is exfoliation  - removing layers of dead skin that build up. Waxing will remove the dead layers of skin ask it removed hair so you are left with a much smoother, youthful appearance.

No Stubble

When you shave your face or body, the hair is cut off at the surface of the skin leaving a blunt edge behind. When hair begins to grow back, it grows in the form of stubble. Stubble is not only unsightly, but is prickly to the touch.

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Pricing for Body and Facial Waxing

Eyebrows - $8
Chin - $6
Half Arm - $20 and up
Full Arm - $30 and up
Half Legs - $30 and up
Full Legs - $45 and up
Full Face - $30
Full Back - $45 and up

Have silky smooth skin year-round!

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